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The *Eve* book finally out!

Inbal Arnon, Marisa Casillas, Bruno Estigabirria and I edited a book in honor of Eve Clark.


Here is the introduction by me and Inbal -- We included summaries of all the contributions.


Eye-tracking study on online comprehension of contrative prosody!

Kurumada, C., Brown, M., Bibyk, S., Pontillo, D., & Tanenhaus, M.K. (under review) "Is it or isn’t it: Listeners make rapid use of prosody to infer speaker meanings".


ETAP III is coming to Illinois (May, 2015)!

The conference on Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody III will be at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


Programs of  ETAP I and II can be found here:

Aug.19, 2013

Eve and I have contributed to this book:



Edited by Laurence Goldstein

Available through all good bookshops, or direct from Oxford University Press at:


Mar.31, 2013


Spring has come! the thesis defended and papers presnted at CUNY. 


Feb. 4, 2013


Very exciting news -- 


My paper "Zipfian frequency distributions facilitate word segmentation in context" has been accepted and will appear in Cognition!


Also, I've received an offer from the BCS department at Rochester. I'll join the faculty in June 2014!


Nov.29 2012


Finally, finally, I got a learner's permit for drivers license. Sigh. I really should have got to this much earlier.


9. Aug 2012


Awarded a two-year post-doc fellowship by JSPS!


17. June 2012


Received the first demo of a new experimetal material. It's really exciting.

7. November 2011


Had tons of fun at BU. I uploaded my presentation slides on the "My work" page.

31. October 2011


Bought flight tickets for my trip to Japan in Dec. I'll be in Kyoto between 11-18 of Dec! 

28. September 2011


Started running a new Mech Turk study. Exciting!

4. August 2011


Back in Rochester. Lunch/Dinner buddies wanted!


29. June 2011


Okay. What's new? Well, I finally resumed making this website :) More soon.

June 2011


Yay! My fieldwork project on Miyakojima-island yielded the first - and awesome - product: a tri-lingual picture book in Ikema-dialect, Japanese and English. A nursery school teacher on the island wrote a folktale, which turned into a beautiful book (kamishibai).


Here is a news article with a pic of the author of the story [Japanese]. 


3 projects I'm working on (as of Oct.1)

Teaching BCS 206 Undergraduate research in Cognitive Sciences [syllabus]


Running pilot subjects in a new artificial language learning study with Scott Grimm!


Writing a review article with Hannah Rhode